Whittingham Hospital opened officially on 1st April 1893, built by bricks made on site, the source being what became to be known as the duck pond. The hospital was built in four phases, the first being St Luke’s (the Main), followed by St John’s (the Annex), then Cameron House, and lastly St Margaret’s (the New or West Annex). In addition to these ‘divisions’ there was also a Sanatorium of fourteen beds built for Infectious Diseases, which became known as Fryars’ Villa, later to become part of the accomodation for the resident staff. The hospital served the community for almost 150 years, and, in its’ day, was a virtually self sufficient community. The hospital now lies in ruins.

I found this on the floor of the main hall, seems vandals had smashed through some of the top windows with blatant disregard for the beauty of the stained glass.

So I shone my torch behind it, doing some research it represents the war of the roses.